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850 TC Pizza Oven

Imagine serving your home made pizza and saying “I made it myself!” And we don’t mean the pizza!  With the Elite 850 TC Pizza Oven assembly kit you can DIY, NO TRADESMEN REQUIRED!

With the Render look finish Thermal Cover there is no mess, no rendering process and no curing; saving you up to three days assembly time.  The 850 TC Thermal Cover is weatherproof, has a faster warm up time and the outside is cool to touch.  It does not crack and doesn’t breathe like traditional render.  This assists to hold the heat in the refractory cast chambers longer.

Developed by Australia’s leading refractory engineers & technicians, they have created efficient dynamics to intensify the heat and obtain ideal cooking conditions, longer heat retention which reduces the amount of wood required and a substantial 620mm arch opening that gives the oven a bigger cooking area, similar to larger sized ovens on the market.

Any Alfresco Australia outdoor living area should make room for this perfectly sized unit!


  • Quick Assembly – Approx 1.5 hrs
  • Thermal cover (rating 1260oC – 1460oC)
  • Pre-cured oven chambers
  • Stainless steel arch floor piece cast in a refractory material (for slow cooking or rotation of dishes)
  • Stainless steel flue (900mm) with china hat
  • Stainless flue assembly (spigot & face plate)
  • Stainless steel door with handle 25mm insulated floor boards that have been pre-cut, marked and numbered 25mm refractory fire bricks that have been pre-cut, marked and numbered
  • Tested & proved in extreme temperatures & remains cool to touch on the outside
  • Requires existing base or have the option of purchasing a conversion kit to accommodate the 850TC which can be cladded at a later date with your preferred finish
  • DIMENSIONS of the 850TC
    1. External 1180 mm (d) x 1120mm (w)
    2. Internal 850mm x 1070mm
    3. Arch opening 620mm
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